Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Lyrics Cassidy feat. Jomo K. Johnson

[Intro: Cassidy]
It was hard to stay above water cause I caught the murder case and they tried get me life for that
So I had to rumble the case, you know I'm sayin'?
Beat the case and once I came home I started recording
Again, I got in a nearly fatal accident
Went into a coma, you know I'm sayin'?
Had amnesia for about four to six months
So it took me time to recover from that

Amazing Grace, how sweet, the sound
That saved, a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I'm found
Was blind, but now I see

[Verse 1: Cassidy]
I've been living that set
Since the day I was born
Now I'm living for him
Til' the day that I'm gone
Everything that go wrong
He correcting me, protecting me
So I'm thanking God that I'm sanctified
He blessing me, my destiny is to spread the Word
I lived the Word and it changed my life
I praise the Lord and His name is Christ
Whatever I do, I'm doing for him cause I'm born again
I done did some things in the past I can't imagine doing again
We born to sin, so you need a savior, the Savior!
The penalty for sin is death
But you resurrect if you seek in Christ
It's the truth that God got crucified so all believers could keep their life
That's the reason why I speak the Christ
Through all the pleasure and all the pain
He made you to be faithful
And He'll save you if you call His name


[Verse 2: Jomo K. Johnson]
Take a look in my eyes
Tell me what do you see?
I am more than a pastor, more than just college degrees
More than preaching, more than teaching
I am a simple man
Who's been saved by God's grace when Jesus took my hand!
And now I praise the Lamb, what a beautiful Savior
Who changed my heart and soul, not just my earthly behavior
So I praise and thank You, I give God glory
I love to tell the story, how my Savior died for me
How I once was blind, but by his touch I see
Jesus was resurrected so He could rescue me
See I once was lost but through Christ I'm found
Jesus picked me up and turned my life around
No matter who you are, Jesus cares for you
I wanna share with you right now, He'll be there for you!
And He will carry you, so just seek his face
And all you need is this, Amazing Grace


[Verse 3: Cassidy & Jomo]
God's grace is amazing
God's grace is efficient
Hear the word
Then share the word
It's God's mission for Christians
Listen, you can't be saved by no man made religion
Choose one side cause it's one God
And to save the world His Son died
Yeah, he disposed the sin
Then rose again when they murdered God
Faith comes by hearing
And hearing comes by the Word of God
Even Jesus ain't play it safe
But Heaven's an amazing place!
Through faith if you believe then you'll receive Amazing Grace

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