Cashin Out

Cashin Out Lyrics Cash Out feat. Akon

36 O's so riding round with that nina
Riding with a ho named Keisha, smoking on Keisha
My diamonds talk for me they say "Hi, can I meet you"
G5, how high in the sky, ho I can't see you
Got a condo on my wrist girl, I'm cashing out
Got a condo around my neck girl, I'm cashing out
36 O's so I'm riding round with that nina
My diamonds talk for me they say "Hi, can I meet you"

[Verse 1]
I got Versace all on my back
These hoes all on my back
Plus these plugs all on my back
Cause they know I'm moving that pack
These Louies all in my face
Four-fifths stay up on my waist
Plus it ain't on me for nothing so please don't make me catch a case
Cause bitch I'm 'bout it
Me walking round with no check on me, psshh
Yeah I doubt it
Your girl ain't finna leave with me, psshh
Yeah I doubt it
And I'm like, what the hell they talking 'bout
And if I got it I bought it, cause boy you know I'm cashing out


[Verse 2]
Ok, I drop the top, hop in
Hoes they coming by flocks in
Birds they coming by flocks in
Pass them birds like Stockton
Play with my money I'm popping
No acting, but it's a movie
Got Spinz on the beat so we ain't losing
Don't act like your ho ain't choosin
I done blowed up, yeah I'm the bomb
Riding round blowing on stank bombs
Pussy so good you should thank moms
Top floor suite chilling at the Palms
We want the whole loaf leave y'all the crumbs
Til then I'm running my check up
And it's fuck a Bugatti I'm calling my jet up


[Verse 3]
It's big pimping over here... Church
Time to cop the Maybach already had the vert
I got big money visions, Sammy Sosa pigeons
What that mean? That mean they jumping out the kitchen
And I'm on the money mission, nobody can stop me
Just grab your camcorder, press record and gon' and watch me
And you can skate on my ice just like you playing hockey
And in the booth I beat the beat up, call me Rocky
Yeah I'm cocky


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