Discreet Lyrics Casey Veggies

Aw man, young veggies yeah

[Verse 1]

Politicians businesses man bad chickens they all know me
Nigga did it introduced to the other homies
They ain't show me much
Got it done on my lonely
Now the boy hot as hell
I dont think they'll extinguish
I out here every day real life im so distinguished
Coolest kid out baby word to Chuck English
Tell that chick playing back act like its the remix
I dont play shit throw it back and thats how we agree with
They always get so attached
I don't know where to go with that
Im focused Im so relaxed
Any given Sunday
Wonder off im willy beamin'
You know I got it to kill it
Im hittin it for the profit
All my bros make sure all they hoes download all my flows

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