Gases In Hell (Inhale)

Gases In Hell (Inhale) Lyrics Cannibal Ox

[Hook: Vast Aire]
Gases in hell
Gases in hell
Gases in hell
Ghost in a shell
Gases in hell
Gases in hell
Gases in hell
Ghost in a shell
My style’s kinda fat, reminiscent of a whale
Gases in hell
Gases in hell
Gases in hell
Ghost in a shell

[Verse 1: Vast Aire]
My shell is mechanical found ghost
By my ghetto is animal found toast
Toast my fahrenheit is blazin’, I might boast
And you don’t wanna get that close
Gases in hell, ghost in a shell
My molecules separate like Flash’ as I propel
Light speed, then the sound
I am the first God to come forth, from the mount
...your world’s empty
And it’s a shame, you had your chance, now watch me
And I ain’t an MC
I’m more like a sorcerer, trapped in a spellin’ bee
And I’m unstoppable once I get angry
You lit the fuse, mission impossible
I’m Vishnu Aladdin
Just know I enter the tiger and exit the dragon


[Verse 2: Vordul Mega]
Calling all cause, calling all cause
You can trace my body in the sky with stars
Cosmos, Sir William
We call him Bill Cosmiq, you get to meet him
At the holiest cities we gather proof
Abra, kadabra, poof
That’s my perfume, ain’t it cute
There is no death, I’m just changing my suit
My sons will come back to reform the law
The speed is hotter than a whore with gasoline drawers
I’m wavy boy
Look at me from a distance and I start wavin’ boy
No need for alarm
I played the flute in bandcamp that’s how I met your moms
I’m bigger than griz and dot com
You’re sweeter than Liz Lemon, I’m number 7


[Verse 3: Vast Aire]
Let’s go, presto
Everything with a button, I press those
Everything with a string, I pluck those
I smile at a bitch, she jump out her clothes
Galaxo, properties eyein’
Where there’s nothing but hyenas and lions
Where there’s nothing but poor babies that’s crying
All thing come to an end, ask a Mayan
Let’s go, fatso
Chicken and waffles at Roscoe’s
Chevrolet, bravo
Broad thinks she’s cute, I wanna see her toes
Followers, ya cool, had the most
60,000 niggas on Patmos
Raise your glasses in the air, here’s a toast
My whole crew's whipping cream, lactose
Gases In Hell (Inhale)

After more than a decade-long hiatus, the groundbreaking Harlem duo Cannibal Ox returned in April 2013 with a new single called "Gotham (Ox City)". This track is the highlight three included on it.

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