J Clone

J Clone Lyrics Canibus feat. His Peoples

Complex yessir!
Run program MC163..
Downloading Musical combat!
Input variable: J Cole
Input succesful, initializing J Cole
Complex had the illest programmer ever: me!

"This is my favorite rapper of all time"

Sharp-shooter savages
And banish him
Burn down the Vatican
Spoke to me in Arabic, couldn't understand his shit
Spoke back to him in African
The nigga dropped his hands and shit
Clones get out of line
Two-faced assasin behind two bags
My second verse removed the Earth from ?
The sunburst blasts: it's not fair

I only take cash, get the fuck out my cab!
Post-millenium with ?
Total disaster, I'm mobbin a flash
J Clone, I rhyme son, balderdash!
Look at my bag son, license is ?

Terra Firma the island, terrorizing emcees
Inhaling nitrus on some night watch shit

Everybody knows Cole, aka Jermaine Clone
Known for ? and stereotype flowin

"Soon as you move I'm doomin you!"

Night owl, broke his wings but he still climbed out
Ate that rat inside out, let me find out
Look up in the sky and cry out what I'm about
Before we start, there's a couple things we gotta iron out
Hip-hop scalding hot
Don't care who know my name and not
I chose to kill a microphone on the block
Double barrel apparel, pull back and cock it
Collaborate that: where the fuck is the deposit?
If it ain't a threat, then it must be a promise
Said my name so much, they think you being honest
It's more than that, we could've recorded a track
You could give me a stack for a verse just like that
I don't know what's worse: AIDS or cancer
Your stupid ass questions or your stupid ass answers
J. Clone, nice to meet you
The names Rip the Jacker
Let me introduce you to the master

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