What You Know About It

What You Know About It Lyrics Busta Rhymes feat. Reek Da Villian, J-Doe

Mixtape: Catastrophic

Nigga, you know who the fuck we is?
(The Conglomerate…)

[Verse 1]
Fuck boy, I’m a money hoe
I truck a wealthy nigga ‘fore you ever see my money low
Alfredo, I got fettuccini, they be rappin’
Talkin’ all that money they never seen
Frontin’ like you got bank roll
Nigga, you don’t make dough
Birthday over, one slice left of cake, though
They be on that funny shit, we be on that money shit
Catch ‘em drinkin’, pull up on that bar, give you a 20 clip
Rap life, trap life, black white, stash pipes
Back streets maskin’ up watchin’ for the flashlights
Your girl wanna suck me off, she ain’t have to ask twice
Big strong brother and I’m out like it’s my last night
Cocaine cowboy, long island D-Boy
Blow is raw and that thing gleamin’ like Leroy
Black and yellow Smith & Wesson that’s my bumble bee toy
And they gon’ reminisce over your ass, trouble T-Roy
Yeah! Yeah! When I let that thing go
The whole club sleepin’ on the floor like it’s hangover
Monday is Juliette’s, Tuesday is Green House
Wednesday and butter, I’mma pull out all this green
And let it go!

What you know about it?
Get green, whip clean, what you know about it?
Put them, put them hands up if you know about it
Don’t never see a broke motherfucker ‘round me
What you know about it?
Get green, whip clean, what you know about it?
Put them, put them, put them hands up if you know about it
You ain’t never seen a broke motherfucker ‘round me

[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
Mad machete, Busta Rhymes, you ain’t ready, boy
Fuckin’ somethin’ up when it’s comin’ to that fetti, boy
Lil’ lame niggas better get your parachute and jump
Get up off my plane ‘fore my niggas para-shoot-you-up
Think I’m sayin’ peace when I throw them fuckin’ deuces up?
I’m only signalin’ niggas to start hangin’ them nooses up
Somebody gonna die, break a branch just to beat you
Go! Chop the body parts and let the pigs eat you
Holes through every part of your body we can see through
Continue blowin’ the cannon, I wouldn’t wanna be you
I let it go like I’m sick and hear voices
Spend money like a nigga copped a fleet of Rolls Royces
Prepared to purchase everything while exploring the choices
Then enjoy eatin’ your food like I’m eatin’ lobsters and oysters
Time and time again I got ‘em walkin’ like a fiend walk
I’m done speakin’ to niggas, I’mma let the homie Doe talk

Brought twenty thou out and I’mma blow it
Your man pullin’ fifteen hundred out just to show it
If shorty ain’t drinkin’ hard liquor we’ll Moet
Then it’s to the Tele suite afterward so she can hoe it
She gon’ swallow all of me, I’mma blow her brains out
My kids need a place to live, her mouth like a safe house
Loud pack of kush and that Goose got me spaced out
Standin’ on the sofa fadin’, sweatin’ all my waves out (faded)
In my new Trews, slow bucks, long sleeve
Lookin’ like I need to be posin’ under palm trees
And I’m quick to let my four squirt
Unemployed gangster nigga, you don’t want no work
We live by the hustler testament
We cop a brick and take it to the floor like we wrestling
Throw it in the pot with the fish and we stretchin’ it
Go and hug the corner like we sexin’ it, fuck boy
Eighteen-wheeler jewelry game truck, boy
She ain’t drop, don’t be a hater, let her cook, boy
My chrome and black nina call her lady luck
And any time you see her goin’ down she gon’ give it up
Like, let it go!


Let it go…

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