Loaded Like A Full Clip

Loaded Like A Full Clip Lyrics Bow Wow feat. Lil B

[Hook: Bow Wow]
Bank account, loaded like a full clip
You want respect, but you ain't even done shit
I keep them racks off in that duffle bag
You want a problem? I got niggas that will handle that
You know I'm stunting in this motherfucker
Big chains on icey in this motherfucker
Bank account, loaded like a full clip
I ain't the one homie, miss me with the bullshit

[Verse 1: Bow Wow]
That's small money, I'll double that
Boweezy with the BasedGod
Y'all niggas for right now
I'm a legend, like Face Mob
Lambo with the top off
Your girl's a skeezer, she pops off
Left some cab money on the dresser, after she blew my socks off
Y'all niggas already know the deal
Ask around they say the boy foreal
Now-a-days I can't trust niggas cause they talking more than Dr. Phil
So comfortable in that Six-Deuce, curtains closed, two tone
Cash Money, Young Money, my money too grown

[Hook: Bow Wow]

[Verse 2: Lil B]
I'm loaded and I'm locked in
The clip already popped in
Bow Wow and Lil B, damn that's some hot shit
Bitches liked the Scream Tour
This is what I fiend for
Still in the hood, it's Westside boy, I'm riding for it
Yea I got a nose ring, that don't mean shit though
Niggas run up I'm shooting jays like a free throw
Pretty Boy goons niggas know how we handle business
It's Cash Money Young Money, BasedWorld bitch

[Hook: Bow Wow]

[1/2Verse 3: Lil B]
I'm straight to the bank, I'm walking to the teller
I'm looking like a square, but I'm thugging so respect it
Lamborghini Bow Wow, bitch call me BasedGod
50 round clip, same color as A-Rod
[2/2Verse 3: Bow Wow]
I'm balling like a Yankee
I'm filthy rich, I'm stinky
These younger rappers better pay respect, they better pay homage, y'all ought to thank me
I birthed them all, y'all my sons
Lil B, we got one
Shout out to Ohio
Smoking on that hydro
And my...

[Hook: Bow Wow]

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