Lemonade Lyrics Blu

[Verse 1]
I feel it up w the juice
Do that proof be stepping hot
Is it the truth ( is it blu ?)
Do my blues be popping off
Am I what, too what, timid or something
Should I be popping off, (blu!)
Illuminary w the blue berry rocks 4
I got the new pair of chucks, chuck berry socks
Need a , cherry drop w that cranberry scotch
I ain't a blues guy, that ain't muddy when I cruise by
Jay hawking all the freaks day walking 8
I'm a too fly nigga, suit tie nigga
Choose wise, match like lighters and lit up
Had her too too high, I was the new nigga in her
Now im two times daily, day and night baby sitting 12
Is it just me, fit in like plush seats didn't
Just beat, kinda like just blaze nigga
Get ya wolf paws out of my sheep coat
B - l - u, past tense for the deep throats, biatch! 16

"lemonade was a popular drink.. and it still is"

[Verse 2]
Im talking about trips
Bliddys on the boat w bottle to pop
Pimp shit up in my whip
The models, the mount of money falling out of my pocket
Its like puss eddie!
Hood heavy, w the chevy white walls im appalled 4
All the money and the stars in the sky falling
Big bosses run shit, why try crawling
I was five walking out of my mind into this real world
One hand open tryna feel for her 8
Notorious deals, the films foreign
Built for the love of the reel and still scoring
Quarter meals make you wonder what kind of meals fulfill you
I want the answer on the platter w the bill too 12
Spilling loot out of my misery like champaign
Still intuned w the later to do the damn thang
Step ya man's game up, put them hands way up
Roll that dro in a bill and blaze one up for the.. 16


[Verse 3]
Sauce money influx, I crush a tall can
Soft hand fun crush plush ya whole shit down
Bridgetown barnum & bucks, I puff a spliff down
Dicks out, pardon my chucks but what the fuck 4
My chevy been heavy, and heavy, rims ready w the skins
Let him in, naw bruh, he never met me
Just learned, over a burning bush heard
Close ya curtains, emerging from the bridge where kids burgle for burners 8
Bert and ernie in the firm seat, w the attorney
Working on a mass caper, ya papers do not concern me
Don't worry bout the burly brothers w me, they getting a cut
Play defense, and like them tailored fits, ya feeling get .. cut 12


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