Grindin Making Money

Grindin Making Money Lyrics Birdman feat. Lil Kim,Nicki Minaj

This my 9 to 5
Still livin' that high life
Grindin makin money
Grindin makin money
Grindin makin money
Grindin makin money

[Verse 1: Lil Kim]
I grind all day gettin money
Damn it take all day to count the money
I'm in the freezer neck full of iceicles
I'm a dime you other chicas need a nickel
Who that in that Phantom (Kimmy!)
Or maybe in that Mazarati or that F1-50
Or in that Bugatti you can't f**k with me
I do this for my niggas on the grind
And never be another me
What you out your mind
I get poppin when it's money on the line
Damn near dropped a house on my wrist for the shine
Lambouton fendi dior all the time
I snitched in the louis store yea I dropped the dime
Got Baby and Big Daddy Slim on the line
The way that we ball some say it is a crime
But we don't really care I continue gettin mine
Cause this my 9 to 5

All day
This my 9 to 5
Still livin all that I like
Grindin makin money
Grindin makin money
Grindin makin money
Grindin makin money

[Verse 2: Birdman]
Back on my stunna sh*t
Fly with a extra clip
Fly in the new whip
Ball hard the matchin whip
Keep my shorty with me sh*t
Make sure she flip that sh*t
Ride around deliver sh*t
Get some of this money sh*t
Hustle all the time and she shine when we hit the b*tch
Ball in the club ever night like we do this sh*t
Uptown soldier known how I roller
Brought her to overseas now she all over
Hurricane hit that b*tch
Now we had to do that sh*t
Bounce right back in my hood with some new sh*t
Everyday sunshine keep my tool all the time
Blowin out the pound everyday the money on the grind


[Verse 3: Nicki Minaj]
Ay yo
Innie mennie minnie moe
I'm pi-pi-pickin hoes
To pucker up and kiss my ass under the missle toe
Yes I am about my cake just call me Anna's man
I keep a gentleman first name Benjamin
Don't mess with Washington
Don't mess with Abraham
Patty cake patty cake better get the bakers man
Frosted flakes is on my fingers fruity loops is on my wrist
Fruity pebble barbie pendant don't forget to ice my kiss
Now where my girls at
That stack money
That Young Money
That Cash Money
I walk the red carpet you clean the red carpet
Go get your vaccum don't you get me started


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