Funkmaster Flex Freestyle

Funkmaster Flex Freestyle Lyrics Big Sean feat. Common,CyHi Da Prince

[Big Sean]
I don't touch dog hoes, dog hoes got fleas
I'm from wear they rock ski masks, and nobody rides skis
Every time I spit a verse my city like preach
Niggas thought I got evicted how my shit up in the streets
B.I.G but ain't nothing obese but the feast
I'm skinny cause I'm always on my feet, gotta hustle every second stackin' paper every week
I'm in the field nigga, I might run up in some cleats
Was in Japan so long I almost learned to speak, had to leave
Back to the hood where they don't understand unless you speakin' "trapanese"
If I fall down bet I only trampoline, bounce back thinking ima fall off.. Helair?
Doing well but my nigga's momma on welfare
Ridin' round the town and you know I'm safe and sound cause for me being in the hood is safer than Bel-Air
And people always talk about how my girl attractive, really though that's just a big distraction
I wanna teach 'em less that, and more about the law of attraction, and how you can have anything you imagine
If you put your mind to it... Maybe we can further their dreams... Take 'em where they want... Nurture their needs
Teach 'em early on, early as they can be, and maybe they can go further than me
Comin' from a city where bullets turn bro's into souls
Who knew from the concrete, that a rose had arose
Good girls stop being good, when I turn 'em into hoes
Dreams stop being dreams when I turn 'em into goals
Hallelujah gotta praise Him, Vegas; I be mandalay'in
Bad bitch; condom tastin, 4/5 compilation, never give em conversation
Never give 'em my safe's combination, while I'm Obama's nation OH GOD!
And you know I rap for days! Twice as good as favorite rapper, half the age
While everytime I'm spittin' ya'll niggas is half amazed...
I prolly got these rappers passin fray...
Look, New York you gotta feel me I was at the Rock The Mic tour
Barely old enough to hear it man and standin' next to Ye and Hov over there in Philly...
I was up in Paris man, standin' next to Diddy
And he introduced me as B.I.G
And told me I was killin'...
And not that I was disrespectin' Biggie...
So ya'll that talkin' that sound silly... lil niggas...

[CyHi Da Prynce]
I say greatness takes time so you can't rush me
I ain't from Ohio but nigga my grams chubby
I know a lot of people in the State Pen
From touching that boy like Sandusky
If you from the midwest we call it dogfood
I'm so smart I should've went to law school
Dumbass niggas ain't never read a book
You thought a blazer and some slacks was a lawsuit
They say Prynce, what have the streets taught you?
Stay out of folks business if it don't involve you
When you on the grind, be careful who you talk to
I've been grinding so long that I think my balls blue
Got a broad in my 'lac, playing with her cat
I get her super wet -- I call that a carpool
I move like a boss move, my name pull strings like I'm tryna play the harp fool
The streets is my philanthropy, these beats help a nigga keep his sanity
I'm riding round New York in my car, mellow, smoking on that Lala I feel like Mr. Anthony
I ain't from Ohio but I'm buck at hoes randomly
I put that cain on em like Danity
On the canopy, man I did it for my vanity
You get them types of perks when promoters pay you handsomely
I made at least a quarter mil annually
Cause I'm tied to them bows like Grammy week
If you come to my house right now..
You'll probably find a couple O's in my pantry
Should be nervous cause me with a pen is scary
Cause I bust like that pistol you tend to carry
Whatever cemetery they put me in when I'm buried
Just know I came out on top, missionary
Drop jewels like my chain broke, and I spit canaries
I'm in the 74 Chevy like I'm friends with Larry --
Hoover then they try to do ya, but I keep a Rueger
This tooler Indiana and I ain't never been to Gary
I tip em like Ben and Jerry
You in the special team, we kick it like Vinatieri
You listenin to the boy in the class that used to read slow
But now I got shows booked cause I'm good with the dictionary
My diction is an addiction
The way I give a description, some may consider it snitchin'
Give it the picture how niggas was livin'
Y'all rather hear me rapping about stickin' dick in a vixen
I used to cut grass, no car just a bus pass
Now I puff enough gas, to fill up a truck dad
Treat your money like it's under your nose, you must stash
Enough cash for a rainy day
The forecast says, that it's partially cloudy
My partner said he wanted 4 circles I call it an Audi
Or a cutie pie, this the soundtrack, the coolie Hi
I grew up round some niggas that was quick to let that uzi fly
More guns than that movie guy, and my prayers go out to families of Theater 9
Prynce and the poet nigga -- that see's I can rhyme nigga
And then they ask me, what I keep a pistol fo'?
I say, without it I feel naked as a stripper ho
Thats how it is when you was raised by some triple OG's
The first thing they taught a nigga was keep a trigger close
Do this shit for Stone Mile, Stevenson, and Miller Grove
Swisher kisser, and I'm twistin' up that mistletoe
Dragon Ball Z cause I'm green as Piccolo
Eyes low like Ichiro nigga


Whack Verse...

[Big Sean] [Who Shot Ya beat]

I always talk about my mom, man but shoutout to my dad
Who would drive me to school every single chance he had
Tell me about the crazy girls and all about his past
And gave me the talks that made me to a man
Not everybody got a dad but they got a Uncle Sam
And he ain't come around until I made a hundred grand
Coming from Detroit where everybody say what up though
Horror movie shit cause everybody there a cut throat
Watch who you hustle with, you might not get a cut though
Even though you deserve a commision plus mo'
Was talking to a young boy and the shit he said was wild
Like "you're better than J. Cole, and Drake stole your style."
Yeah it's crazy many that's what the fuck you think this shit about
Stop thinking about what you can't fix and take care of your house
And grandma said when she saw my commercials
Stop having people at your show that wasn't at rehersal
I'm trying to get an office at the Empire State, and bring it back to umpire's plate
That's home, man I'm reppin' for my entire state, praying that I won't be late

[Cyhi Da Prynce]
I'm so forreal, if I were to die, I would be dead serious
G.O.O.D Music we the best period, or you're deaf
Like the number 3 on the phone
Yall remember how them numbers used to be on the phone
Basking in the ambience of the Madrean
Starving like it's Ramadaan, get this parmesan
Keep the peace, I'm like Ghandi with a tommy gun
Slung so many elbows, I think I might need Tommy John
But the rap game sweeter than a honey bun
And I could never fall off, and if I did, I'd bungee jump
That's funny huh, our money huh
Fuck a bitch, I'd rather see this money come
You can't see me no more, I'm out in the country chump
With a girl from Caketown and I got her from deBunge
I'm a don, Marcelo Burlon
I swear to Allah, my verses deserve to be in the Quran


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