Reign On (Prod. by 9th Wonder)

Reign On (Prod. by 9th Wonder) Lyrics Big K.R.I.T.

[Verse 1: Big KRIT]
Who would've thought that I could get this far?
The smallest of beginners, now I live so large
I'm still in charge and still hopeful
So no matter what may come I'm still focused
Still chosen as a leader and a trendsetter
I can't complain about a thing, I've never been better
On my own level, my own time, my own pace
I finish when the job is done at my own race
It's quality over quantity always
Mama said you gotta shine all day
Lift a hand when you can
And make hase little life and be great

[Hook: Big KRIT]
Reign on, king
Balling skyscrapper tall
Flyer than the paper on the wall
I know when they want smooth they can call
The best crown life, crown over all
When I'm on the scene
Yup, yup
They calling out, they know about, they shout out
Reign on, king

[Verse 2: Big KRIT]
You gotta do you best at all times
Never give up they say is best to die trying
Push it to the limit with my family and friends
We ball to we fall and then we do it again
We do it to win, we don't do it for hype
Spike Lee with the flow, I'm just doing it right
Be at nightlife or barbeque, it dont matter
As long as we kick it and chill with much laughter
Toast to the past and things that come after
Man of the house and king of my castle
I stand on me own two
I'm doing what I want too
They holla

[Hook x2]

[Outro: Big KRIT]
We reign on
We reign on
We reign on
We reign on
We reign, we reign, we reign
We reign on

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