Neva Go Back

Neva Go Back Lyrics Big KRIT feat. Grillade

Mixtape: K.R.I.T. Wuz Here

I wish I was a kid again
Runnin' with my friends an' them, up n down the streets
Waitin' on a bell to ring
Ridin' on a school bus, drawin' on the seats
On the phone all night with a girl I like and she claim she a freak
It's straight, I could never go back
I would never go back, but it would be coo' to see

[Verse 1]
Rise n Shine
Get up off my ass and mash fo cash
No time to procrastinate
Yeah I'd ratha' drink a 40, but that'll have to wait
I ride a bucket, kinda rusty, but I'll blast the bass
On the road again
Now tha junkies scrape change for tha dollar menu
That's what he said, but tha rock is what he really into
Gave him a dollar anyway, cause who knows?
Maybe tha dope boy baby need some new clothes
Cause we all goin' thru it
No matter how you view it
Slice it, cut it, bring it back and screw it!
Hot as I've ever been, but I'm coolin' - out
AC neva works, so my windows - down
Not worried, kids scurry Saturdays
Reminiscing, Good Lord, how I used to run and play

[Repeat Hook]

[Verse 2]
Granma Annie on the go
Cookin' in the kitchen, somethin' good for my soul
G-I Joes all on her living room flo'
It seems like yesterday, but she passed so long ago, Good Heavens
I want to go to church, but ain't no good reverends
She prolly frownin' on me now, because I know betta
But I push on, searchin' for some cush-on
To pay the bills and responsibilities that I disown
Not a pot to piss in, a tree to piss on
The devil come around to much, I'm hollin' get gone
But its hard to get off, when you can't get on
I pour my life on this wax, nobody lis-ons
So I cruise, me and just my blues
Lookin' at the world through my broken rear view
Not worried, cuz I pray for betta days
Reminiscing, Good Lord, how I used to run and play

[Repeat Hook]

Miss Lainey, outside in her garden
My brotha, his son, and his daughta
The rap game, before I was fit in
Back when Pac and Biggie were livin'
Oooooooh, It'd be coo' to go back
But now where we're at
No, no regress.. I'm waitin on what's next

[Repeat Hook]

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