My Interpretation

My Interpretation Lyrics Big KRIT

What if all the songs vain

And the dreams that I had never came and I had lost all the blessings I had gained?

Woke up in a world that was built upon pain

With an attitude like you ain't shit without fame

I'm quite gifted, with good hair and light skinned

A white pigment with a budget that's like spending

Infatuated with heaven although I like sinning

Say I'd never claim to be, but I'm quite Christian

To what extent would I go for ice wristes

Chain necklaces and overzealous bitches

Excuse my tone, yes I know the difference in a
Woman for self and a jazze belle

I ain't lost, I'm just speaking the truth

Some things I'd say even if I wasn't speaking to you

Jay said you gotta learn just to live with regrets

But what happens when regrets is all you got left?

Cuz you never got a fair chance

How can you waltz through life when it's a square dance?

And the leaders ain't leading, and the preaches sold out

Sitting in church like, "who's gonna save my soul now?"

They try to tell me that God ain't real

And a chain of big explosions is why I'm here

And a ape decided he wanted to walk upright

And leave the other apes in the jungle, cuz he that got me fucked up

I knew that shit could take flight

When my social studies teacher told me Egyptians were white

Not to be funny, might of seemed she was playing

But when I went to correct her, she believed what she saying

Kinda hard to give your all when you ain't inherit no cream

Parents broke now you feeling like the shit in your jeans

And life ain't shit like you see in your dreams

Percieved as a peasant but in your mind you stand as a king

Hating on the next man cuz he was a ruler

And overlooked your whole kingdom cuz he found him a jeweler

Queen with an ass, a couple cars with a dash

That functions with secret compartments for his pistol and cash

Trapped in the flash, you think the world at his feet

Cuz you serve the very plate of steak & shrimp that he eat

It was hard for you then, but it'll be hard in a month

Know the check you work for, we spent that much on lunch

Yea yea, you spend that much on bills

And hit your momma house when you can't buy your meals

Like, "Lord how we do dirt and live so fly?"

And you in church everyday but you just get by

And all you really ever wanted was a car and a crib

A little extra to buy something nice for your kids

But the life that you live is the only life that you know

Thanking God, with only hope for something better in store...this is my interpretation

And if you got more than a mil in your possession

What the fuck you know about a recession?

This is my interpretation

My interpretation

My opinion

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