She Said OK

She Said OK Lyrics Big Boi feat. Theophilius London,Tre Luce

Album: Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors

[Hook: Big Boi/Tre Luce]
Let me see your titties
Let me see your titties
She said okay, okay
Now let me see your pussy
Now let me see your pusssy
She said okay, okay…

[Verse 1: Theophilus London]
We out to freak, nigga, fam’
Throw your money in the air
Let it rain, rain
Let it rain down
She want to skip the winter just to shake it in the summer
If I didn’t show up to your party, homie that’s a bummer
Strippers on the pole and they going up and down
I sip on my cup, cup to make me calm down
I’ma fly Brooklyn bitch
But when I’m in Atlanta,
I be stickin’ ones into thongs, hit her with bandanas
I’mma play that cat like it was played by Santana, bitch
I hit you up, Van Damming for a recap, my hang -
My hang up, I’m a freak, girl
Watch me take a pee, girl
Touching on your nipples mighty long, take a seat girl
Wanna introduce you to my mighty long
You dance to songs that could take you all night long
But you hidin’ in that dress
Curiosity is killing me
When you hit the stage, tell them mob niggas you feelin’ me


[Verse 2: Big Boi]
Monday night, Atlanta, Georgia, and they say al the hoes at Magic
See, no, I’m no David Copperfield but I’m sure I can pull a rabbit, see
I’m adamant when I see something I want, I reach out and grab it
Like this cannabis that I’m blowing, bust the package, boy, it’s cherry kush
Stanky, smelly much
But this is the only hairy bush that I would like to put my lips on
I like that pussy Brazilian waxed
With the lips showing
Tip toe in her high heels or her bare feet
And she’s down for some major dick blowing
How many licks does it take to get to the bottom of a tootsie roll?
Pop goes the weasel when I explode in her mouth, boy, that’s colder
Than Shaquille O’Neil from the free throw line
And I’m a peaceful person, so she wanted to give me peace of mind
Now it appears that I am brain dead
My legs feel Joe from Family Guy because she got insane head
Call me crazy but nowadays it seems like nothing is sacred
Oh well, I already got me somebody to play with


[Bridge: Big Boi/Tre Luce]
I just wanna give you all my time
Give you all my time
Baby let me blow your mind, your mind
Blow your mind
Girl I want you to climb on top of me
Climb on top of me, babe
Could you please let me see, let me see?
Let me see…


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