Fucked Up

Fucked Up Lyrics B.o.B feat. Playboy Tre

Mixtape: E.P.I.C. (Every Play is Crucial)

I've lost control
And I've lost my soul
My heart's turned to coal
Cause I've lost control

Is that why you think I'm cool
Because I get fucked up, fucked up
Is that why you think I'm cool
Because I get fucked up, fucked up
Is-is that why?
Is that why?
Is that why? (Why, why, I, I, I)
Is that why you think I'm cool
Because I get fucked up, fucked up

Well way too fucked up but obviously
But hey,that's just what happens when the bottles are free
Prestige like an older man
I'm laid up in the suite like Solomon
Y'all just following
I'm half way across the world, it just occurred to me
I look down, wallet full of foreign currency
Table full of shots, that's courtesy
Broke niggers fake ballin', that's perjury
I do my thing certainly
One black, one Asian, diversity
I got a girl, she got a girl, we doing both concurrently
I wanna see 'em lips move, and I ain't talking verbally!
I'm at the peak, man
I'm Hong-Kong high
You wanna see me falling, I don't know why
I'm getting wasted at the Hong-Kong spot
And the room keeps spinning, but I don't know why


[Playboy Tre]
(Shout out to my dog Shawty Slim)
First class on my ass, don't know how to act
Tell the broad with the big rack bring a shot of Jack
I need a lot of that, I should wear a party hat (damn)
I can't see you fuck boys, call it cataracts
Hong-Kong, nice girls, interracial speaking
Goose with the hen, call that interracial drinking
Living life, stocks soaring, make her pour in
Hit a freak on one leg call her Captain Morgan
Ya'll haters while we all in
Ye ain't heard we the truth fuck've y'all been?
Baby take them clothes off, I need all skin
And don't be stingy with that stuff, cause we all friends!
Tell me something freaky
I kiss my home girl, we're out of here Tre,boy in my own world!
Call it Planet Hangover no fat Jesus
Yours truly, Mr. Potbelly, good evening


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