5 On The Kush

5 On The Kush Lyrics B.o.B feat. Big KRIT,Bun B

Mixtape: E.P.I.C. (Every Play is Crucial)

[Refrain x5: Bun B]
Five on the kush, twenty on the dranks
So loaded in the club that a nigga can't think

I said I'm thrown to the side, like a lateral
I swear tonight I'm doin' major damage, is collateral
Fifty on the potion, one hundred on the smokin'
Panoramic roof, but we ride in slow motion
Patron pass to you, top shelf we toastin'
Top models, tops poppin' off Kelly Rowland
It's whatever, I never let up, I never feel better
A house full of freaks and they'll never say never
My seats all leather, my jackets all leather
Got PETA pissed off cause my pillow full of feathers
Since day one I stay down like a cellar
Bun B, K.R.I.T., B.o.B. we some fuckin' trend setters


[Big K.R.I.T.]
Ok I roll up and I pull up to the motherfuckin' top
Pimp C, twenty-four what's a whip if it don't chop
Some woofers in my cushion, what's a trunk if it don't knock
Digi on the dash, if I want it then I cop
Cause it's G a ho, and it it's a G ho, and she a ho
A sheep nigga leave alone
Drink and you pop pills for
So high in the sky we crakin' windows and this the end though


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