Penny (Prod. By by Dismas)

Penny (Prod. By by Dismas) Lyrics   AWKWORD

[Verse 1]
Retrospect is 20/20, about a girl named Penny
Thought she wasn't worth it, she said I wasn't ready
Too messed up in the head, plus no job steady
I said I'm a starving artist, and you're supposed to get me
But evidently what I represent's a bit sketchy
Probly thinking something like, my dad would never let me
I met the mom and sister, I think they both sweat me
I said run away with me she said, please, don't tempt me
But that was kindness, I know, she had her own plans
And I understood, clearly, she deserves a grown man
An optimist that's focused, likes to take her out
Not some crazy type a genius always bringing her down
Sometimes I sit and think that I'm best, without her
Or maybe I made this song just so I could say it louder
Prouder of myself now, then I was back then
All I wanna do is tell her, girl, we can't, be, friends

Sometimes, I sit and think, I'm best left alone
Then I get under the covers, remember the cold
I miss you in the morning when I'm putting on my clothes
When I'm sitting there, bored, just staring at the phone
Sometimes, I sit and think, I'm best left alone
Then I go out with the homies, see you at the show
I miss you in the crowd when we sharing a smoke
When I get bad news look for someone to hold

I'm gonna pry
So I can see
Or someday
You may not see me, hanging on

[Verse 2]
Penny laughed a lot, I always had that
Actually come to think of it, I'VE, always had that
Nope that wasn't exclusive, and what about these raps?
She went to my shows and gave me half-ass claps
Perhaps it's merely that, I just don't like feeling lonely
There's plenty more fish in the sea, she's not the only
I asked her why she thought I was fly, and she told me
There ain't nobody like me in the world, that's near holy
I got a lot to offer, I'm honest, open and endowed
I got a job now, would a made mom proud
Yeah I can't stay off the drugs, but that's when it's just me
Trust me, if you were here, I'd be drug free, you'd love me
Sometimes I sit and think about me and you forever
Perhaps I made this song to kinda be a love letter
Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe alone is just better
I'm a find a dime, yeah at the club, then undress her

Penny (Prod. By by Dismas)

A personal track from NYC rapper/activist AWKWORD, produced by Dismas of Romania and included on Sunete Sub.Sol's 2013 project "Mixtape Vol. 4" (it was also included on AWKWORD's 100% for-charity global hip-hop project, "World View", which dropped that same year).

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