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Move like the night...
Move tonight...
But nowhere feels quite right, right?
Move like the night...
Move tonight...
But nowhere feels quite right...

[Verse 1]
I pour a little more whiskey on them ice cubes
I’m tryna to get tipsy as a tugboat
Most of us gettin' lost in the night moves
The rest of us wanna watch from the front row
Come and look into the eyes of a landslide
Let me know if your recognize blood shot red
Not above passin' out in the cab ride
Wake me up when its time to unfuck my head
Whatchu know about a party? Y'all still tryna have some fun
Throw your hands up like it’s 2001
You wanna taste the teat, you want a place to sleep
But you need somebody else to come change the sheets
I hold composure, the snow will melt
The hope stays low cause I know myself
But I treat it like a test to keep me at my best
Rest in peace to next...


[Verse 2]
I ain’t as cool as I used to be, leave me alone
I’m kinda blurry from the journey, man, my speakers are blown
Truthfully, I'd rather keep it in a zone
I could maneuver easily from the comfort of my home, but
Don’t ever let the headlights die
Stars only fall out of the dead night sky
The more I travel, the farther I see
The more it seems as if my shadow ain’t following me
Now everyone’s impressed with impressions
All of y'all dressed up in the finest flesh
I’m not tryin' to imply I’m on a different page
Similar traits, familiar faces
I remember the days when I felt like fightin' it
Lost in the ways of my own self-righteousness
Feels like I’m still tryna find my fix
Before this lightning hits...


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