Anyway ft. Innoss B

Anyway ft. Innoss B Lyrics Akon

[Verse 1]
Where did you come from?
That’s what I say is that I like
Come on into my world,
Let me make you my girl
Hang you my heart, keep it a while
I swear my love, die for your smile
I wish I had to surprise
Be the sun of my sky!

You got me, babe, don’t let me go
We’re going, I’m invisible
Oh... up and high
Oh... I’m near!
I got you babe, won’t let you go
We might… you’re invincible

Oh... anyway
Oh... anyway
Oh... you got me singing
Oh... anyway
Oh... anyway
Oh... you got me singing, yeah

[Verse 2]
Put your pretty hand inside of mine
You’ll see time flies, when you have a good time
Tell me your secret, I’ll do no harm
Be when you need me, run to my arms
Babe, nothing can hurt you now, yeah


[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
I’ll make her fly when I get her
Excuse me if I’m ballin'
I’m trying to get up with her, catch me at the mall and
She know how this pimpin' thing go
And if she doesn’t, I’mma have to put it down slow
'Cause she’s the type of woman I'd buy a picket fence and a garden
House in the suburbs to wake up every morning
The love I have for you I do know
You’re the woman in my life I don’t let go
Oh... you’re my baby
Oh... you’re my baby
Oh... you drive me crazy
Oh... forever my lady


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