Morey Boogie Boards (Prod. By Harry Fraud)

Morey Boogie Boards (Prod. By Harry Fraud) Lyrics Action Bronson

[Verse 1]
I got the mental of the Bad Lieutenant
We gamble drug money, river boats, Cadillacs
Talkin' 'bout a prison, no
Lemons added subtle in the fish they call the cuttle
We grew up in the gutter, break and charge just like a huddle
Morey boogie boards, wax the top so we stay on
Wrist strap is pitch black, 360 shades on
I won’t stop until them walls got Monets drawn
The farmland, enough for animals to graze on
I’m always smokin' on the potent straight from Oakland
I’m risin' like a sufle, you know you gotta serve it quick
Just dust me off a cheese, pussy straight from Persia, bitch
They'll find your leg and torso out in Jersey, snitch
I rock the lenses Caminetti wore
I roll a 50 of the dour to the neck and take a city tour
Any genre got the salsa and the gritty raw
Timeless, my mother’s diamonds, 1954

I gotta get that dough, I want the Beamer with the racing seats
Pound the ground with my feet to make the pavement speak
And tell me secrets that she’s never told a soul to
The price of living, your decisions could control you

[Verse 2]
I sign my name like a mantle, never stickin' to this script
Be with people off the boat, seven languages and shit
Big tradition to the street, get you lifted off your feet
Like my daughter at the park, no takin' orders after dark
'Cause they expect it, so wake up early, hop off the shitter
Employ a lawyer that's been bar-mitzvah'd
Never trust the goyam, seen me sippin' spritzer
Hookers with spitzer, and Mr. Wedge
30-dollar-hollers, never tip her
This condensation that be buildin' in the weed jar
Is bothersome, half of my leg covered with Robinsons
The Fern Gully in this dutch, me is still smokin'
Jet leathers, pretty bitches gettin' peeled open

[Hook x2]

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