Dub Sac

Dub Sac Lyrics Ab-Soul

I had a dub sac in my bucket rolling around like ''fuck it''
Now I got a OZ in this Benz still rolling around like ''fuck it''
OZ in this Benzo, rolling around like ''fuck it''
Rolling around like ''fuck it'', rolling around like ''fuck it''

[Verse 1]
That shit weak, your bitch weak - that's too bad, my bitch bad
Smoke weed, I got plenty, take your quarter back like McNabb
Sip lean, I got plenty, I drop a ace in a liter now I got a quinceanera
Ever had a chick to do it on the dick to capoeira
Kick game like Martial Arts
Kick game like Marshall Law
On Tekken the homies got weapons
Martial Law could've happen any second
Getting money, blowing digits
Only sex is sexy women
Only sex is sexy women
Only sex is sexy women
That like to do them nasty things
You know I like them nasty things
Can't fuck with them whips and chains
I got a bitch that do, but I ain't got no gavel
Baby wanna know what's under my belt
Maybe cause I paid so much for the belt
Call the car service, get your ass home
But just yesterday me and Agent J


[Verse 2]
You're so weak, you don't know me
Soulo so lowkey in Lord, legends, infinity
Oh God showed off inventing me
Me and K with the promoter
Drop the fo' up in the soder
I'm unraveling backwoods
And he's bending corners, just thought I'd warn ya
What's happening then?
I've been gone too long, but bitch I'm back again
Except this time I'm old
Had that Chevy celebrity the same age as me
With that gram in the glove-box, that's a 24-15
I mean


[Verse 3]
You still weak, you last week
I'm next month, twist the next blunt
The homie got his chain took at the Mixed Nuts
Now we blowing big weed, lean mixed up
Nigga, don't get shit mixed or screwed
We gave y'all plenty time to dig our stuff
Getting women in the mood
We tell the truth up in the new
Breaking news, breaking news
I'm enlightening like Pikachu
All I do is what you wouldn't think to do
Son, don't you remember that...
South Pole Jeans, fat laces in all our shoes
A nigga turn into a oracle
Treat the damn booth like a urinal
Smoking the stogie in a terminal


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