Piss Test

Piss Test Lyrics A-Trak feat. Danny Brown,Juicy J

[Hook 2x: Juicy J]
Fuck a P.O
Fuck a piss test
Fuck a P.O
Fuck a piss test
Fuck a P.O
Fuck a piss test
Been gettin' trippy since I was born and I ain't dead yet

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
You niggas drug-free but I get drugs free
Might not have a money tree but I got a bud tree
I'm smokin' loud, you can smell me befo' you see me
And I blind ya with these diamonds on my chest and on my pinky
Ten thousand a month, that's my kush fee
I'm up in clouds that how that kush make me feel
You say no to drugs
That mean more for me
More kush, more pills, nigga more lean
Pocket full of dirty money, body full of drugs
Shout-out to Walgreens, CVS, and thank you to my bud
I do more and more drugs I don't do meth (never!)
Fuck a P.O
Fuck a piss test


[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
And I smoke
Blunt after blunt after motherfucking blunt after blunt
Zip and a double-cup get fucked up
Bitch don't sip if you ain't gon' fuck
Jack and the Beanstalk with them pills
Fuck me ? and my dick grow big
Bitch just suck it ho, don't touch it
No hands on it ho, that's how I love it
? so dirty, dick so clean
Pop me an E me ? ? ? ?
Fuck probation, P.O.'s be hatin'
Motherfuck a piss test cuz' ?
I been smokin' since I rolled Daytons
Been rollin' for wa two days and
Been grinding on my teeth, sipping on this water bottle
Looking for your bitch for relations
Put Molly under my tongue
Now she wanna french-kiss
This ho be actin' shy, now she don' turned into a freak bitch
It's Fool's Gold in this bitch
So ya know that trick with me
Uncle Juice up in the party
You know we gettin' trippy!


Producer A-Trak recruits Juicy J & Danny Brown for this single which will appear on Fool's Gold Records compilation album "Loosies." You can purchase the song on iTunes.

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