Get Busy

Get Busy Lyrics 50 Cent feat. Kidd Kidd

Mixtape: The Lost Tape

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
Get busy, Get busy
I'm insane ye,chained
I'm the head of the brain
In a weird gang
Make it rain,trick
Make it rain
I hold on the money
And buy more cocaine
Off the chain
I ain't playin'
I get it him the semi
Stun I let it rain
He rap I rap
But we ain't the same
He love a game
I run a train
Canary yellow rocks in my rang
Everything private I hold in my planes
Every now bartender more champaigne
I shawn like crowman's Arizona rain
I stunt when I want
I ain't never gonna change
I go load the wood in my cardian frames
This what happen when a bebe kid
Blow up I'm on out dis bitch

I ball out bottles after bottles
'Till I fall out
I stunt, I do it my way
I'm on now , get my money long now
Look here, you ain't got it like me
Doing like me
Get busy get busy
Too stunt
Doing like me
Get busy busy
Too stunt

[Verse 2: Kidd Kidd]
Kidd Kidd:
Tell me why you don't like me
My chain too icy
The diamonds on my right hand
Striking like lightning
Throwing cake on your wifey
She licking the icing and uh
It's not even my birthday
She tellin' me she love me
And I wanna be your happy pusher
Then pulled the beetle in the first place
Nah dance the Ali Key let me hold some
Look Nigga, cause I know ya
I don't owe ya nothin
With your rope in,coat in
Type of shit gonna get wild with no man
Ride a game thing,play the bitch without the ball
It's my night boy better love 'till mor'
I'm a boss plus walking big ballin' and
Talking,benz parking,rims glosin',click closer
Tell her way you drained the bottles
With the towels sparkling
Say money talks, bitch my money talks


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