Banks Workout ft. Lloyd Banks

Banks Workout ft. Lloyd Banks Lyrics 50 Cent

Mixtape: 50 Cent is the Future

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[Hook: 50 Cent]
I hear a lotta talkin niggas must be mad at BANKS
But there only one problem niggas ain't as bad as BANKS
Nigga yous front you gon get shot down
We fend to pump crack at cho spot now, G-Unit
Nigga ain't nuttin change
You move I'll blow your brains

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
These niggas don't really want war
They just walk around frontin
Cause I walk around stuntin
Why you think the long pump is in the trunk for
If you really want somethin we can show up at your front door
I know my history, my family tree done said "master"
Fuck livin positive, cause negativity spreads faster
A celebrity has ta, bulletproof his car
Cause big hits come flyin through ya door like Casper
I'm smokin out the jar - scopin out the bar
Distracted see shorty breast pokin out the bra
Not the type to go spark metal in
Start thinkin you gangsta cause you hit a park yellow van
Act hard but ya heart made a marshmellows man
Talk tough, til you get cuffed and start tellin damn
Everyday I got a new bitch and when I'm done wit her
It'll look like she dived head first into cool whip
You only gon wind up dead tryin to prove shit
I put chalk around ya head like a pool stick
I gotta have bucks on the waist
I'm hungry like a south african with fly stuck to his face
Catch Banks in a truck full of bass
Remember I'm a batchelor, the 4 or 5 ducks outta space
You could either get bucked or get ya ass jumped
The only trigger you touch is on a gas pump
I got my own personal slave she really got a curfew
Cook and clean for the kid like silly in color purple
I know you wanna pop me but
If I hit you first, the exit wound gon be the size of a hockey puck
Fuck, I really hold the rubber
I send +Sparks+ at you and I don't mean Emilio or Bubba
I'm aimin for a video or cover, huge tour buses
A pound and a philly hold the smuggler
G=Unit's whats up right now
The Gucci cloth is on a newport sign upsidedown
You gotta come a little harder, nigga
You wear jerseys while mine a throwback and yours is a Starter
You still gotta beg a ho
And you mad cause you blowin on oregano
You niggas'll never blow
Anyone to step in my ring is brave
I don't know a thing about hair stylin but I can make a finger weav
Short stay leave her butt in the telly
Lace up the beef and brocclis peanut butter and jelly
I'm about to get this deal - shorty know
Thats why she foamin out the grill like a Alka-Seltzer pill
I ain't loud around a snitch
I don't crowd around a btich
The jumpsuit match wit the Carolina kicks
I been sick since niggas was on Harlod Miner dick
I could call up a chick and put a child around her lips
Niggas can't stand the fact that I'm real
I kidnap the Queen from the castle and put her back on the pill
Gimme Barbie at her best
Bacardi at the chest
I'm similar to the young Marcus Darvy at the desk
Useta have ta push up, now I hardly got ta press
Got two guns, and both lead to cardiac arrest
My success got suckers salty
Blowin steam like a cup of coffee
Click POW get these fuckas off me


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