Like Me

Like Me Lyrics 2 Chainz feat. The Weeknd

Album: Based on a T.R.U. Story

[Hook (3x): The Weeknd]
Girl, I'm just another bird
Don't make me make you fall in love
Don't make me make you fall in love with a nigga like me, like me

[Verse 1]
They ain’t never seen a nigga like me uh
She ain't never seen a nigga like me uh
Chance of that is unlikely
2 Chainz in my white T
I wipe her down and I pipe her down
I give my girl money to go out of town
You give your girl money to go to Niketown
And I one-night her, you must like her
Kill niggas with one-liners, all I need is one lighter
Counting so much money, I got arthritis
So cold I frostbite 'em, no Pig Latin but I hog-tied 'em
If she gets this business then I (make her fall in love)
With a nigga like me I’m killing this beat
Skeet skeet skeet skeet, skeet on my sheets
On top, from the back, I thundercat like (HOE!)
My girl got a big purse with a purse in it
And her pussy so clean I can go to church in it!
Oh Lord, O-M-G, I am the O-N-E
How ya like me now, it’s cool but she want more D
Moet by the fireplace, this is how desire taste
And I’m bout to buy a case (Leggo)

[Hook (2x)]

[Verse 2]
Bon apetite, they obsolete, you know talk I cheap so don’t say a word
Chick, chick, chicken talk, I’m flipping birds, fuck y'all
Mustard, ketchup, I take pills, expert
Kitchen all pyrexed up, if my dick talked it’d say "next up"
Me and yo girl networked, now she wanna know my net worth
Wood grain, chestnut, titty fuck, chest nut!
Move shit, UPS truck, pull a lil' out n out the rest up
Competition need to rest up
I aim at ya head, put the vest up, matter fact put the vest up!
This shit I’m shootin is penetrating, you don’t want this situation
Tall nigga with a short temper, I do this for niggas who never had it
And now I got me a bad bitch, who got a bad bitch, who got a bad bitch
TRU story, high like 2 stories, 2 Chainz and Tity Boi
Nigga that’s 2 stories, who want it?
Hair weave killa, they like "you don’t want it"
I go swimming in that pussy, 'bout to throw a pool party

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